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Tips and insight on localization.

Image used with permission by All Ear Plugs. By Alexandre Johnson-Chalifour — July 19, 2022

The Benefits of Text-to-Speech

Even if you love your job, translation and revision are tasks that require a lot of focus and strain the eyes. As we all know from experience, our focus level…

By OXO Innovation — May 24, 2022

When Should You Use Machine Translation?

With the rising ubiquity of artificial intelligence, localization managers and marketing and communications professionals may be wondering when and how they can make the best use of machine translation, and…

By OXO Innovation — April 14, 2022

Best Practices for Website Localization

What is localization? Localization, often abbreviated as L10N, is the process of adapting the content of a website, app, video game, etc. to a specific country or region. Localization thus…

By OXO Innovation — December 29, 2021

How to Brief Your Copywriter

What Is a Copywriting Brief and Why Is It Important?  When working with a copywriter, whether they’re in-house or an external vendor, you need to give them information so they…