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Lightspeed: Case Study
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Lightspeed POS Inc. is a Montréal-based tech company that provides point-of-sale and ecommerce software for small to medium restaurants and retailers. The company helps entrepreneurs work smarter, make data-driven decisions, and create the best possible experience for their customers.

In 2012, Profit ranked Lightspeed number 61 on its list of “Canada’s 200 fastest growing companies.” What began as a small Canadian start-up in 2005 is now a multinational company with 17 offices around the world, 800+ employees from diverse cultures, and users in roughly 100 countries. It’s a great “problem” to have, but it creates a huge need for localization.

Software localization is not without its challenges. It’s crucial that the translators always use the right terms, especially for user interface strings. If they’re mistranslated or the terminology is inconsistent, users can miss important information or get easily confused, which is not the seamless experience Lightspeed aims for.
 The team at OXO are a true pleasure to work with and they show great concern for using our correct vocabulary.
—  Cece Culver Grey
Product Content Manager

The Solution: OXO Lends a Hand

Since 2016, Lightspeed has been working with OXO to translate its content into four languages: international French, Latin American Spanish, German and Dutch. It’s been a fruitful partnership, with OXO translating approximately 40,000 words per month.

Not only does OXO have top translators on its team to ensure accuracy, but over the last three years we’ve also built a termbase that contains over 2,800 terms and a translation memory with over 19,000 segments. These are powerful tools that we leverage to guarantee consistency.

Thanks to effective localization, Lightspeed’s platforms are easy to use and understand, whether you’re in Amsterdam, Paris or New York. In March 2019, Lightspeed made its debut on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the most successful initial public offering by a Canadian tech company in over a decade, cementing its unicorn status.

Our Software Experts

oxo-employee-picture Denise Rodrigues Language Lead
 | Rio de Janeiro
oxo-employee-picture Marc-Antoine Quintin Language Specialist
 | Montreal
oxo-employee-picture Stéphanie Levesque Language Specialist
 | Sherbrooke
oxo-employee-picture Eduardo Gama Localization Engineer
 | Rio de Janeiro

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