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Metro Brands: The Challenge
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Metro Brands partnered with OXO to translate nearly 80,000 words of product descriptions for its two private labels, Irresistibles and Selection, from French to English, as well as proofread the French source text.

These descriptions were generally single sentences intended to present a product’s main features and make it sound appetizing to online shoppers, for example, “These freshly baked butter croissants are a delicious and indulgent way to start the day.”

Proofreading and translating many words in a relatively short turnaround time while ensuring that the translation was always concise, catchy and on-brand posed a challenge to OXO’s Project Management team.
OXO’s services allow us to focus on our content and the quality of our work and to save time on translation.
—  Audrey Riopel
Private Label
Development Coordinator

OXO: The Solution

To meet Metro’s tight deadline, OXO formed a team of three internal translators and two revisers to proofread the source text. Finally, a fourth translator (called SME, Subject Matter Expert)—who specializes in marketing content—revised the translation for quality and merged the parts together.

The final deliverable consisted of two documents (one for Selection and one for Irresistible), each with a proofread French column and an adjacent translated English column.

A dynamic and speedy team allowed OXO to save time for the target language output, while having a single revisor ensured consistency in tone and terminology across the board. This way, we were able to work quickly but still deliver a high quality, idiomatic translation.

Our Retail Experts

oxo-employee-picture Riteba McCallum Language Lead
 | Montreal
oxo-employee-picture Nadia Marsault Customer Experience
 | Montreal
oxo-employee-picture Alexandre J.-Chalifour Language Specialist
 | Sherbrooke
oxo-employee-picture Jessica Emond-Ferrat Language Specialist
 | Montreal

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