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Business, Real Estate & Finance

Icon Business, Real Estate & FinanceDifferent business cultures, financial requirements and industry jargon make business translation a tricky matter.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Firm for Your Business Translation

Corporate communications can be difficult to translate because different countries have different business cultures that require a different tone and register. For example, the business culture in France is much more formal and hierarchical than in the US. Translators need to take this into account and adapt the text accordingly, or else it will sound either stiff (when translating from French to English) or unprofessional (when translating the other way around). Different countries also have different compliance and reporting rules, corporate structures, and industry jargon. That’s why it’s best to entrust your annual reports, CSR reports, financial statements, investor relations documents, HR policies, and other corporate communications to a professional translation company.

We Understand Your Target Business Culture

OXO’s business and finance translators are experienced professionals who understand the local business culture. We have translators and revisers on staff and in our network who specialize in finance, banking and insurance and have mastered the terminology in these fields. Some of the clients they serve include major financial institutions, real estate developers, management consultancies, insurance brokers, wealth management firms, and Fortune 500 companies.


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