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Icon LegalHire an experienced legal translator from OXO. Accuracy makes all the difference.

Why You Should Hire OXO for Legal Translation

Accurate translation can make all the difference when it comes to contracts and other legal documents. Legal translation requires expert knowledge of the legal systems and terminology of different regions. It takes strong research skills, as well as an ability to communicate complex ideas in clear, appropriate language. At OXO Innovation, our specialized legal translators have spent years honing these skills, so they can translate contracts, bulletins and memoranda accurately and efficiently.

A Few More Reasons…

Legal expertise: In addition to the knowledge acquired over the years, many of our specialized legal translators are former lawyers or paralegals.

Superb writing skills: We combine legal knowledge with linguistic prowess. Say goodbye to convoluted syntax and confusing legalese.

On budget and on time: Working with a translation company is less expensive and more efficient than entrusting your translations to a law firm or having your own staff do it.

Full-service: We don’t just do translation. We can also proofread your existing copy, provide court interpreters, localize your website, and more.


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