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Manufacturing, Construction & Mining

Icon Manufacturing, Construction & MiningContact OXO to learn more about our technical translation services for the manufacturing, construc-tion and mining industries.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Firm
for Your Technical Translation

Technical translation for the manufacturing, construction and mining industries requires excellent terminological research skills, an ability to parse dense technical texts, and a knack for expressing complex ideas in clear language. That’s why global construction materials companies, mining groups, logistics and infrastructure organizations, engineering companies, heavy machinery manufacturers, environmental consultants and other highly specialized businesses entrust their translation needs to OXO.

Clear and Accurate Every Time

OXO’s specialized translators can handle even the most technically detailed RFPs, operating procedures and spec sheets. They are familiar with the local conventions for these types of documents and—most importantly—they know how to do the research to get an appropriate understanding of your subject matter and vocabulary. They make it their priority to deliver clear and accurate translations of even the most demanding content.


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