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Innovation & Technology

How do you keep localization costs low while maintaining high quality standards? Pack the right tools for the job.

OXO offers guidance and expertise on the best cost- and time-saving tools available for the language services industry. We help our clients take advantage of automation and process innovation–measures that create consistency across translation projects, boost the reuse of translated content, and shorten time-to-market development cycles.

OXO has developed a quality assurance tool that uses AI to compare texts and check for accurate content acquisition. Learn more about how OXO innovates to better communicate. Whether using off-the-shelf or custom-made tools, the OXO team will work hard to see that your investment in localization returns real value to your company. Take advantage of OXO's expert support and service. Contact one of our representatives to get started today.

See what difference the right tools can make.

Every market and industry has its own challenges. What's yours? Talk to one of our advisors today to find out how the right technology can help your localization efforts. OXO's localization engineers are experts in a range of CAT (computer assisted translation) and automation tools.

More importantly, our engineers are equally adept in creating the customized scripts and workarounds that are vital for both the distinct challenges of certain character sets and the integration demands of client-owned content and translation management systems.

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