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July 30, 2021
Riteba McCallum

News: OXO Innovation Acquires Vinkit

We are excited to announce that OXO Innovation has acquired Montreal-based translation company Vinkit.

Vinkit was founded seven years ago by Joëlle Parent-Proulx to provide translation services that would help companies deliver an impactful message in both of Canada's official languages. Along the way, it developed a close partnership with OXO. The two companies have been collaborating since 2015

With the proven success of this relationship, it was only natural for OXO to acquire Vinkit when Joëlle decided to sell and move on to new adventures

"We look forward to continuing to support Vinkit's clients with the care and excellence they are accustomed to," says Charles Lesperance, CEO of OXO Innovation. "I think they will also appreciate OXO's expanded range of services, beyond French and English translation. Whatever language- or localization-related challenges they face, I'm sure we can find a solution together.

"There is no one else I would have entrusted my company to," says Joëlle Parent-Proulx, founder of Vinkit. "Having collaborated with OXO for many years, I feel confident that Vinkit clients will receive the same level of personalized, customer-first service that they've come to expect. I'm infinitely grateful for my clients' trust and loyalty over the years, and I know I'm leaving them in good hands."

Contact us to learn more about the acquisition or about OXO's services.

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