OXO Innovation | Charles Lespérance, CEO
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Charles Lespérance

chief executive officer

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+1 (514) 583-0670
Charles Lesperance is President and CEO of OXO Innovation and Communications Transcript. A lawyer by training and a member of the Quebec Bar, Charles discovered a passion for helping companies go global when he worked in international tax law at KPMG. Having co-founded OXO Translation in Montreal in 2013, he now channels this passion into helping clients communicate across borders and expanding OXO’s own frontiers.

Charles plays an important role in decision-making for the company and is responsible for implementing its vision, overseeing operations, managing key accounts and developing new markets. Charles led OXO’s 2018 merger with the Brazilian company Ccaps and its 2019 acquisition of Communications Transcript and continues to seek opportunities for growth. He also sits on the board of the Language Industry Association of Canada (AILIA), an organization that promotes the competitiveness of Canadian language service companies.