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Data Services

Icon Data ServicesOXO can leverage its expertise as a language service provider to create high quality, localized data sets for machine learning purposes.

AI: Always Innovating

At OXO Innovation, as our name suggests, we strive to keep pace with the latest industry developments and technologies. With AI playing an increasingly bigger role in emerging technologies, a huge need for reliable localized machine learning data has opened up. That’s why we’ve decided to leverage our expertise in language and recruitment to provide top-quality, localized data for AI companies. For just one example of what this might look like, read our case study on writing utterances for chatbot training.

Authentic, Localized Data

With offices in Canada, Brazil and Morocco, OXO is poised to recruit native speakers in the Americas and EMEA who can collect, create and annotate authentic localized data. OXO can meet clients’ natural language processing challenges with services that include chatbot training data, intent variation, text summarization, audio data, sentiment analysis and more, complemented by domain expertise in law, life sciences, retail, finance, sports, IT and travel & accommodation. Thanks to its client-first philosophy, OXO has a highly flexible structure that adapts to clients’ needs.

Our first machine learning mandate was an exciting challenge—we had to recruit over a hundred Canadian French speakers in two weeks. That’s how we learned that the vendor management structure we have in place is able to scale up rapidly while delivering results.
—  Kevin Lavoie, Talent Manager, OXO Innovation

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