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Desktop Publishing

Icon Desktop PublishingDesktop publishing (DTP) is all the formatting work that ensures the investment you made in design will be reflected in your translated text.

The Finished Product

Desktop publishing (DTP) is all the layout, formatting and design work that turns your text into a publishable product. Why choose to have your translation delivered as a text file and then have your design team work on it when you can count on us for a format that’s ready to go? Whether it’s a PDF brochure, a web ad, a print flyer, or a corporate presentation, we have all the tools and expertise in-house to replicate the design of your source document, for a very reasonable fee.

Save Yourself the Hassle, and Keep Looking Good

Did you know that it can take 30% more characters to say the same thing in French as in English? Save yourself time and headaches by letting us worry about fitting a different length text into the same design. Plus, if your team isn’t fluent in the target language, they might introduce a mistake when implementing the translations, whereas we’ll make sure every word is in the right place and every line break makes sense before we deliver the publishable product to you.

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