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Icon SubtitlingYou put a lot of time and effort into producing a great video. Now make sure it reaches more viewers by adding high-quality subtitles.

Why hire OXO for audiovisual translation?

OXO’s professional subtitling services cover every step of the process, from video transcription and timecoding to translation, synchronization and quality control. Every step is carried out by a trained (human) professional and not a robot, to guarantee high-quality subtitles. Our specialists can handle any subtitle format (.srt, .vtt, .ssa/.ass, .scc, .cap, .stl, .dfxp, .ttml, .itt) and any video format, and will follow industry standards. Our audiovisual translators are native speakers who have experience working with the challenges and constraints of subtitle translation, like reading speed and character length.

Get more out of your video content

Whether it’s for corporate training, e-learning, digital marketing, institutional communications, or pure entertainment, a video takes a lot of time and budget to produce. Subtitles are a great way to capitalize on that investment by expanding the audience for your video, reaching more viewers and being more inclusive. On top of that, it is a relatively quick and inexpensive solution compared to dubbing or reshooting the video in a different language.

Learn more about OXO’s video subtitling services on our blog.

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