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Find and retain more customers by speaking their language. That's the power of professional translation services.

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Why You Should Hire a Translation Company

People are bombarded with content these days. If you want to capture and keep their attention, your message has to be in their native language.

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That’s why a “good enough” translation by your bilingual colleague or Google Translate won’t cut the mustard. For communications that truly engage your stakeholders and take your business to the next level, you need professional translation services.

"OXO’s services allow us to focus on our content and the quality of our work and to save time on translation."

— Audrey Riopel
     Private Label Development Coordinator

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Our Expertise

We work with only the best. All of our translators are native speakers with strong experience in their field.

At OXO, we are experts on the Americas. Spanish, Portuguese, French and English are the top languages we translate, working with organizations in almost every industry. We have technical translators who are pros at terminological research. Legal translators who went to law school. Marketing translators who can give the best copywriters a run for their money. But that’s just OXO’s in-house team. We also have a network of trusted partners that allows us to offer translation services for every major language pair.

Tell us about your translation needs and we'll show you how we can help.

We're happy to give you a quote, tell you more about our services, or show you how we work. Just drop us a line.

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Explore Our Language Services


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OXO will add locale-specific variations in your translated content, apply the right conventions for measurements, time, dates and currency, and adapt for culture-based symbols, colours and norms.


Copywriting Services Icon

OXO provides copywriting, editing and proofreading. We can fine-tune your marketing or technical communications to say exactly what you mean and grab your audience’s attention—while keeping typos at bay.

Desktop Publishing

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OXO provides multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services in 15 languages. Our in-country specialists bring knowledge of the online and print standards of their locale and deliver ready-to-publish documents.


Translation Services Icon

OXO offers translation services for all major language pairs and industries, for some of the world's biggest companies. Our translators are all native speakers with proven background in their fields of expertise.


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Rigorous interpreter recruiting processes, project management and event planning, quality equipment, technical support, confidentiality: these are a few ingredients we use to achieve excellence in interpreting services.

Quality Audit

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OXO has developed a quality assurance tool that uses AI to compare texts and check for accurate content acquisition. Learn more about how OXO innovates to better communicate. Take advantage of OXO's expert support and service. Contact one of our representatives to get started today.