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OXO offers translation services for all major language pairs and industries, for some of the world's biggest companies. Our translators are all native speakers with proven background in their fields of expertise.


OXO will add locale-specific variations in your translated content, apply the right conventions for measurements, time, dates and currency, and adapt for culture-based symbols, colours and norms.


OXO provides copywriting, editing and proofreading. We can fine-tune your marketing or technical communications to say exactly what you mean and grab your audience’s attention—while keeping typos at bay.


Rigorous interpreter recruiting processes, project management and event planning, quality equipment, technical support, confidentiality: these are a few ingredients we use to achieve excellence in interpreting services.

Desktop Publishing

OXO provides multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services in 15 languages. Our in-country specialists bring knowledge of the online and print standards of their locale and deliver ready-to-publish documents.

Quality Auditing

OXO has developed a quality assurance tool that uses AI to compare texts and check for accurate content acquisition. Learn more about how OXO innovates to better communicate. Take advantage of OXO's expert support and service. Contact one of our representatives to get started today.



While the complexity of legal texts intimidates many translators, OXO takes on the work with confidence. Our specialists understand the demands of terminology, jargon and style as well as the importance of accuracy and local compliance.


Local users and buyers expect products and services that reflect their language and culture. OXO selects the right resources to ensure that UIs, product documentation, quick start guides and user manuals convey a natural style that looks and feels local.


Marketing localization calls for greater nuance in language, cultural details and references. Our goal: to “transcreate” the slogans, punch lines and imagery of the source content into the look and feel of the target market.

Business and Finance

We ensure that your annual reports, financial statements, RFPs, bylaws, internal documentation, and more are localized to meet the expectations of stakeholders, regulatory officials and business partners in each jurisdiction.

Life Sciences

Working with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other industry players, our life sciences translators have the education and experience to understand scientific texts and translate them accurately.


OXO works with some of the largest e-commerce and retail companies in Canada. We can ensure labelling compliance and adapt romance copy so that it speaks to your target audience.